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The Wilky has quickly become the Craft Beer Bar Brooklyn destination, not only for its Bed Stuy neighbors but for many in the craft beer community.  With 18 craft beers on tap at all times there’s good reason to come back again and again – exceptional craft beer and so much more. Knowledgeable staff, including The Wilky’s own Cicerone’s creates unique and varied craft beer choices, cocktails, and the food offerings to excite the palate.

This Craft Beer Bar Brooklyn is where friends bring their friends and make new ones. The neighborhood bar environment makes The Wilky a great place for local residents from near and far to relax.  The patina of the original tin walls and ceiling along with the rustic shimmer of the handmade wooden bar and table tops make this an eclectic place to bring guests and family too.  The warm atmosphere in The Wilky promotes community while inviting conversation to flourish.  Long time neighbors discover each other for the first time while sharing a craft beer or an expertly shaken cocktail and discussing their favorite sandwich.

NYC Craft Beer Bar Brooklyn Exterior The Wilky
18 taps of craft beer NYC The Wilky brooklyn

The feeling of being in the right place, the home-away-from-home atmosphere often begins with a personal greeting from the bartender, who is also a Cicerone.  The well-trained staff can guide a customer to their new favorite craft beer based on their personal tastes.  They are prepared to take the adventurer on a craft beer tasting journey or prepare a seasonal cocktail with skill – and dress it with an olive or lemon zest.  While this is a “craft beer bar,” our bartenders have the ability to be inventive with spirits chosen for their high quality and superior taste.

Traditional “bar food” offerings have been kicked up a notch.  From among the sandwiches, the pressed Cuban is a favorite for many regulars. Chips and dips and the recently added lettuce “wedge” offer a variety of options for snacking.  Arriving hot from the oven, the soft pretzel is so big it will rattle your understanding of the word “pretzel.” The Wilky partners are always on the hunt for food sensations to pair with the many flavors of the Craft Beer Bar Brooklyn experience they create for their patrons.


You don’t need to be an aficionado of any kind to enjoy and appreciate good craft beer, wine, spirits, and food in a warm and welcoming environment; you just need to be into treating yourself well.  Treat yourself to the pleasure that follows pulling up a stool at The Wilky.  This Craft Beer Bar Brooklyn experience involves a warm handshake and a sincere desire to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.


Monday - Friday

4pm - 2am

Saturday & Sunday

2pm - 2am


Sun-Thur Till 11pm

Fri-Sat Till 1am

Happy Hour

Mon-Fri 4pm - 7pm

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  • Sixpoint Care Package

    Sixpoint Care Package

    Just Tapped Tasting – Episode 89

    • Brewery: Sixpoint
    • Beer: Care Package
    • Style: Dunkelweizen
    • ABV: 8%
    • Location: Gowanus – Brooklyn, NY

    Brewers Notes

    Sixpoint Care Package Dunkelweizen Banana Bread Dunkleweizen is based on a round table discussion about Sixpoint Brewer Marcus’ mom’s banana bread. This strong holiday ale uses cocoa nibs, weizen yeast, whole bananas, and yes, a dozen loaves of banana bread in the mash to create a ridiculous chocolate-banana beer. You really haven’t tasted anything like it.

    Geographic Relation

    4.5 Miles from the bar. About 25min by car. Though they don’t currently have a way to facilitate visitors (such as a taproom) but supposedly plans are in the works for it.

    Sixpoint Care package

    Brewery History

    Opened in 2004 and grew rather quickly with recent numbers showing about 60,000 Barrels of Beer in annual production. They definitely have a lot of staples that are pretty well known in the marketplace such as crisp and bengali tiger. Since we serve beer in their “back yard” here at The Wilky we are lucky to get in on there more creative beers and as well as super fresh staples.

    Historical / Style Relevance

    Similar to a Hefeweizen, these southern Germany wheat beers are brewed as darker versions (Dunkel means “dark”) with deliciously complex malts and a low balancing bitterness. Most are brown and murky (from the yeast). The usual clove and fruity (banana) characters will be present, some may even taste like banana bread. Average alcohol by volume (abv) range: 4.0-7.0%

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    Sixpoint Care Package – Just Tapped Tasting – Episode 89

    What is going on?  Welcome to Episode #89.  Brian Fisher here.  This is Just Tap Tasting.  We’re going to taste some beers here at The Wilky that we just tapped.  

    This one’s really special from Sixpoint Care Package.  They’re out of Brooklyn, New York here, sort of in our backyard.  Really exciting.  A lot of people know Sixpoint.  They are making some really delicious beer. They’ve been doing it for a while now since 2004.  A lot of people know some of their staples like Crisp and Bengali Tiger.  We love those beers. I think they’re really well made.

    Since they’re on our backyard, we get access to some of their cool one-off stuff.  That’s what we have here on the show today.  This is Sixpoint Care Package which is dunkelweizen with a twist.  A little bit about dunkelweizen specifically German style similar to the hefeweizen, which is like a German wheat beer, although it’s going to be on the darker variety.  “Dunkel” meaning dark in Germany.  

    Historically, the style came out of the southern part of Germany.  It’s got this rich, multi-character, brown in color, usually murky quality. It’s got a distinct yeast character that contributes to the color and the cloudiness but also the flavors that you get, the banana and clove things that are indicative of this style that show up in the yeast character. Sixpoint Care Package is one of my favourite beers.

    I have a really special memory from drinking dunkelweizen in Austria, not quite Germany but it was a German beer and super delicious.  This has always been a favourite style of mine specially in the German brewing tradition.  What’s cool and different about this, this is called Sixpoint Care Package, couldn’t find any alcohol notes on it, what the alcohol was.  Maybe six point.  Call me out.  Maybe you can jump in the comments and let us know what the alcohol is on this.

    Stylistically it’s going to be 4-7%. I’m going to guess it’s probably on the higher end just by tasting it, just shot on the dark otherwise.  Hopefully, we can find out for you.  

    The cool thing about this Sixpoint Care Package is that it’s a banana bread dunkelweizen.  Yup, banana bread.  The way it came about is the brewers were sitting at Sixpoint.  I don’t know if they were just discussing, brainstorming or just came up.  They were eating one of the brewery’s mother’s I believe, or owner’s mother’s – somebody’s mom’s banana bread.  They were loving it and they decided to make a beer with it.  

    It makes total sense.  There are flavors that are already in here that are reminiscent of banana.  Stylistically, that’s what shows up in this beer.  Making it with banana bread just makes sense.  The Sixpoint Care Package was born.

    This is time of the year.  There’s snow on the ground outside right now.  It’s perfect. It’s a fun beer.  It’s also tastefully done.  

    In this beer, we have cocoa nibs, we have obviously the vicin yeast that’s giving it a lot of character.  We have fresh bananas in here as well and a dozen loads of mom’s banana bread.  Really cool.

    Color-wise. It’s like ruby, reddish brown kind of color.  Not as murky or as cloudy as German dulkenweizens are but that’s okay.

    Let’s take it in the nose.  I get a little bit of fruity sweetness probably from the banana.  Not distinctly banana but I get a lot of clove and spice, maybe from a little bit of chocolate too, a little bit creamy chocolate.  Sixpoint Care Package has a really nice spicy nose which is great because it’s the time of the year.

    When I say holiday, I really mean like winter.  It’s like a wintery note.  

    This has actually warmed up a little bit and I tasted this a couple of times but sometimes letting the beer warm up a little bit can be really good in opening up the flavors. One of the flavors I’m realizing here that I didn’t before is cocoa, the chocolate.  I definitely get banana. I get lot of spicy clove kind of flavors.  Banana is a really fun way, not like in a runts way.

    Do you know runts? I like runts but those banana runts are gross. If you like banana runts, let me know. I want to have a talk with you. I want to know why. I want to know why you hate banana runts because they’re weird.  It’s not banana.  It’s not banana flavour but some people associate it with banana and it’s weird.

    If you like dark German beers, hit the like button right now. I want to know if I’m alone on this one.  This is one of my favourite beers.  Sometimes when we drink stuff, we drink it at special times in our life where we have special moments and special experiences.  The beer as a result, becomes really special.  

    I find that this one is special for me. I remember sitting on a patio in Vienna, Austria drinking a Schneider Weisse dunkel with a good friend of mine Shawn Garrett before we went into St. Steven’s Cathedral, Stephan’s Dome in Vienna to play an orchestra.  It’s a great time.  It’s a great experience. It’s great beer so I’ll always remember that. I want to know if you like that stuff.  

    If you’ve had a German beer memory – I don’t know why.  I’m on a German kick.  Actually, there are some people in the bar the other day that was, “So you’re just focused on German things here?”  I looked up and I was like, “Well, yeah. I guess.”  At the moment we have four different German styles. They’ve been making beers for hundreds of years and they’ve been doing it for four rules – the rhinehouse kibbutz.  You can’t have any add junks.  You can’t put banana bread in your bread.  But they’re still making banana flavour showing up in the beer which is really craving awesome.  That’s what brewing is all about.

    I always have a special place in my heart for German beer.  I want to know if you do.  Do you like the German beer?  Simple question of the day.  Do you like the German style beers?  I want to know. Let me know in the comments below and we look forward to having a Sixpoint Care Package with you here real soon at The Wilky.

    Sixpoint Care Package