Finback Sand City Stop, Collaborate, Listen


 Finback Sand City Stop Collaborate Listen

Just Tapped Tasting – Episode 101

  • Brewery: Finback / Sand City
  • Beer: Stop, Collaborate, & Listen
  • Style: Double IPA
  • ABV: 7.7%
  • Location: Ridgewood, NY / Northport, NY

Geographic Relation

Finback is about 20 mins by car from The Wilky. Little over an hour to Sand City from Brooklyn by car.
Brewery History: Finbacked opend in Queens in 2011. Sand City relatively new to the game, opening in 2015.

Tasting Notes

DIPA dry hopped with Denali and Amarillo. Juicy, melon, dank. Brewed in collaboration with Sand City Brewing. (beermenus)

Finback Sand City Stop Collaborate Listen


Finback Sand City Stop Collaborate Listen

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Finback Sand City Stop, Collaborate, & Listen – Just Tapped Tasting – Episode 101

What is up, guys?  Brian Fisher and this is Episode #101 of Just Tapped Tasting where we’re tasting beer here at The Wilky that we just tapped.

Today we got a fun collaboration from a brewery that I just became familiar with about two weeks ago at a festival here in New York during the NYC Craft Beer week which is the Brewer’s Choice, which if you don’t know about it, you haven’t heard about it, check it out next year.  We’ll link the information for Brewer’s Choice.  It’s a lot of fun.  It’s a great event. You should check it.

This is a collaboration between Finback and Sand City.  I’ve tasted some Sand City beers at that event.  Ralph from BBD is out on Long Island. Sand City is out on Long Island. He had some other stuff and I tasted it.  Men, they’re making some really great beer.  So, when I saw that Finback was collaborating with these guys, we got really excited about it and we brought the beer into The Wilky here and that’s what we have today.


So, collaboration with Finback Sand City Stop Collaborate Listen.  Double IPA, 7.7% alcohol and color-wise, slight haze but they’re definitely doing, I would think, maybe some kind of filtering or just letting this really hang out in the tanks and clean up. I’m not too sure on that.

Finback, they’ve been around since 2011.  They’re in Ridgewood Queens, New York about 20 minutes from the bar here where we’re sitting right now in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.  Sand City is out in North Port, New York.  They’re in Long Island about halfway out the Island from Brooklyn here.  It’s about an hour by car.  They’re relatively new to the game opening in 2015 and just making good beer.  As far as I can tell, although there will be some really special events, they’re not sending any of their stuff to the city, where we’re at yet but I look forward and hope that they plan and growing that soon because they’re making really good stuff.  This collaboration is another testament to that.

But let’s take it in the nose.  I smelled this right before we started.  We hit record because that’s what happens here.  We say, “action” and we do all that fancy stuff and we got really fancy here. I smelled this and it was super dank and stinky.  But now, it’s still really stinky. It’s a stinky beer in a really fun way as double IPAs and these dank, hoppy beers can be.

I think Denali and Amarillo, I don’t remember this being – it’s just fucking stinky.  Excuse me, sorry.  There’s no children watching this show though because we’re drinking and children can’t do that but part of my language, this is just stinky beer.

I’m going to taste Finback Sand City Stop Collaborate Listen.  I’m going to see – actually, no.  Other than stinky, other than it being dank and stinky in only way hops can contribute to the aroma, you get light, definitely leaning citrus on the aroma as opposed to – the opposite of that will be dank and resin pine and tree bark kind of stuff.  No, it is not this.  This is melon fruit kind of vibe.

Let’s take a taste of Finback Sand City Stop Collaborate Listen.  On the palette, I feel the dankness goes away. It’s kind of an aromatic thing. You definitely get the fruity quality, melon, bitter and dry.  It scrapes your tongue with bitterness and dries you out, makes you want to keep drinking.

Really nice beer, though. I’m really enjoying it.  Refreshing, thirst quenching in a way. It’s making me salivate a little. I want more. I want to taste more, taste more of this one.  This drink, this one is for you.

I like Finback Sand City Stop Collaborate Listen.  I’m a fan. I’m a fan of Finback, Sand City coming together doing some fun things, making some Vanilla Ice references.  I like all of those things.  It’s a lot of fun.

Question of the Day

what is your favourite brewery if you’re local.  This is a local question of the day.  We’ve got a lot of local people watching the show.  Thank you so much.  If you’re not local, that’s okay but this question is for you local fans.  What is your favourite brewery in Queens?  Who’s doing it the best?  There’s a lot of great ones there.  There’s Transmitter, there’s LIC, there’s Rockaway, there’s Big Alice, there’s Single Cut, there’s Finback.  Let me know in the comments below while you’re commenting because that’s what you want to do, because you love it.  You’re going to hit subscribe, if you haven’t already.

Thank you so much for watching the show.  We look forward to having a beer here with you real soon at The Wilky, if not that’s okay.  Just drink good beer.  That’s all I care about.  I just want to make sure you’re drinking really tasty stuff.  Cheers!

Finback Sand City Stop, Collaborate & Listen