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Brooklyn has a rich beer history.  Once upon a time it was a mecca for brewers and breweries.  Set in an old corner store, The Wilky is a NYC Craft Beer Bar riding the nostalgic wave by serving many local brews. The warm atmosphere and friendly conversation invite patrons to relax and sip.  The selection available on eighteen taps changes daily so there are always new taste sensations to entice both apprentice and connoisseur beer lovers alike.

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Like fine wine, beer can be both chaste and complex.  As a NYC Craft Beer Bar with every beer style represented, The Wilky welcomes all levels of beer drinker.  Styles cover the entire color wheel from pilsners and pale ales to browns and Belgians and the darkest of stouts.  Every palate is satisfied – hoppy or bitter; crisp and clean; malt forward, sweet, or bready.  Since taps rotate daily and particular beers are not repeated, there’s always a new taste sensation available.

Believing that you don’t have to look outside the U.S. for incredible beers in any desired style, this NYC Craft Beer Bar represents the best available from American brewers.  Brooklyn taps may include Other Half from Gowanis, KCBC from Bushwick, or Grimm, a “gypsy” brewer currently out of East Williamsburgh.  And you don’t have to import from Europe for superior flavors when Allagash produces a flavorful Belgian style ale up in Maine, and Urban Chestnut out of Missouri offers German refreshments including an unfiltered lager and a Hefeweisen.   Always on the hunt for a new favorite beer, The Wilky staff seeks out brewers old and new for taste sensations both classic and untried, like the hop driven beers and sours from Hill Farmstead brewery in Vermont.

It takes a trained individual to ensure that everything the brewer intended to be realized in a glass is poured and presented.  This NYC Craft Beer Bar is so serious in its desire to meet guest needs at all levels that a majority of bartenders are Cicerones.  A Cicerone is the beer equivalent to a wine sommelier.  Requirements for this certification include not only knowledge in beer tastes and styles and food pairings but also appropriate sanitation.  Beer is best served in a properly washed glass.  The details matter and The Wilky staff have the expertise to ensure the level of preparation and service that their customers deserve.  They especially enjoy sharing their knowledge of what is in the flavor-filled glass.  A beer novice is not a nuisance but a novitiate with whom to share beer culture.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at this NYC Craft Beer Bar is just one reason the beer tastes so good.  While The Wilky is a venue for local beer talent to be showcased by skilled service, it is also a gathering place for relaxation and conversation between neighbors and friends, and new friends are made here every day.  The eighteen taps with eleven styles represented ensure they have one of the best draft lists in NYC, but you don’t have to be a beer expert to appreciate tasty beers, whether light and crisp or earthy and robust.   Cheers!