Revolution Little Crazy Belgian Pale


Revolution Little Crazy Belgian Pale

Just Tapped Tasting – Episode 100

  • Brewery: Revolution Brewing
  • Beer: A Little Crazy
  • Style: Belgian Pale Ale
  • ABV: 6.8%
  • Location: Chicago, IL

Geographic Relation

Midwest. What up. Chicago, IL

Revolution Little Crazy Belgian PaleBrewery History

Award winning and largest independently owned brewery in the state of Illinois. Founded in 2010

Historical / Style Relevance

Bronze – Great American Beer Festival (2012)

Tasting Notes

  • Pilsner malt base provides a nice toasty flavor with hints of caramel and enough fermentable sugar to make this a rather substantial beer.  Pilsner malt is the base with a little carapils and Belgian Caramunich. Hops in brewhouse are Magnum, Cascade and Citra with a dryhop blend of Citra and Cascade. This drives home the aromas of fresh citrus rind to make this a very drinkable and extremely aromatic Belgian American Pale Ale. (
  • A citrusy and refreshing Belgian-style pale ale hopped with Cascade, Citra, and whole Crystal hops for massive aromas and flavors! Fermented with our Belgian Wit yeast for an extra dose of complexity, this one is very drinkable and extremely aromatic. (beermenus)


Revolution Little Crazy Belgian Pale

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Revolution Little Crazy Belgian Pale – Just Tapped Tasting – Episode 100

What’s going on?  Welcome to Episode #100 of Just Tapped Tasting.  I’m Brian Fisher and this is a show where we taste beer are at The Wilky that we just tapped.

Today we’ve got a beer from Chicago. This is Chicago flag, really cool flag. I don’t want to get into it.  It’s so cool, we don’t have time for that but I’m going to put the flag back and we’re going to drink some beer because that’s what we’re here today.

Today we’ve got the reason for Chicago flag is we got a Chicago-based brewery, Revolution Brewery.  They were founded back in 2010, definitely been a big integral part of the craft brewery scene and culture and the growth and all of these things in Chicago which is a very competitive and wonderful beer market as far as the US is considered.

2010, they’ve got it going.  They do a bunch of stuff.  They’re award-winning.  They knocked down a bunch of medals at the Great American Beer Festival.  This one in particular took bronze back in 2012, I believe it is.  That’s pretty awesome.  This is “Little Crazy”.  I believe it’s named after the guy who came up with the recipe.  You’ll see him on the can or on the tap end or the branding of this.  I think he was just a little crazy.  He’s kind of a foam-loving dude as far as this picture is concerned.

Revolution Little Crazy Belgian Pale is a Belgian pale ale or a Belgo-style pale ale. What that means is they’re using American hops and Belgian yeast.  You get the American hop, bitter or American hop flavour profile as it is and you also get the sweetness, the flavour, the yeast esters of the Belgian yeast.  The juxtaposition of both of those things together is a pretty interesting thing.  This is a style that’s been explored by a lot of American brewers.  I think this is one of the more enjoyable ones in the marketplace as far as this style is concerned.

This is Revolution Little Crazy Belgian Pale. Color-wise, we got a gold with a hint of brown, I’m going to call it.  Gold with a hint of brown.  You know what, color is important.  I got to get better at that.

Let’s go on the nose because I like doing that.  This is hop with a whole bunch of different things, American-wise but predominantly maybe Citra and Cascade.  It’s hop during the brewering process but also dry hop again with Citra and Cascade.

A little bit about dry hopping, we talked about this here on the show.  Real quick, dry hop is a hopping process that happens after the brewering process which is where normal hop editions occur.  When I say after, they’re dry hopping, they’re adding hops during the fermentation process.  When you see dry hop, there’s other meanings but more or less it’s just a late addition of hops and it contributes to different level of flavour, more pronounced flavour because during the boil, what will happen when you add hops is some of the flavour compounds and the chemicals that are creating those flavors will get cooked off.  If you do it when there’s no cooking or heat involved as it is in the fermentation process, then you won’t lose some of those flavors.  That’s why dry hopping can be really special as it contributes to flavors in beer.

Let’s give this one a taste and see how crazy it really is. Revolution Little Crazy Belgian Pale is 6.8% alcohol.  It’s super approachable.  I think it’s a great gateway beer for someone who doesn’t like hop-driven stuff because of the Belgian quality, the Belgian yeast involvement.  It contributes to what I believe to someone with approachability for beer.  I think that makes this beer really exciting.  It’s definitely a crowd-pleaser and universally appealing to whether you’re just looking for something refreshing and crushable or if you are not so into the craziness of beer but you want something different, fun, new, exciting but that’s not going to like knock your pants off.  That will be weird.

Revolution, I like Chicago a lot.  I don’t know if you know that but this is our first beer from Revolution and that’s exciting.  Not my first beer from Revolution but here at The Wilky, it’s our first one and we’re super excited to have them on Tapped and even more excited for you to come in here and drink with us and this beer.

Question of the Day is, what is your dream car?  I really like cars.  Drink responsively.  Don’t drink and drive.  A little PSA but what is your favourite car?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Go and subscribe to the show.  Stay tuned for more action, drinking beer like Revolution Little Crazy Belgian Pale, thinking and drinking and we’ll see you guys real soon.  Thanks for watching.

Revolution Little Crazy Belgian Pale