• Brian

    Managing Partner
    Brian is a Co-Founder and the Managing Partner of The Wilky. He spent his last 5 years in Chicago and moved to Bed Stuy in mid 2015 to open up his dream bar. When he isn’t crafting your experience and serving our guest he is exploring his new city of New York. He really loves a classic well made lager or pilsner; basically whatever is on tap 2. When it comes to food he is obsessed with the cuban on our menu. He might be a little biased since he crafted the recipe.
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    Dre was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA and moved to NY two year ago to embark on something new and he says it’s been nothing short of incredible thus far. He now lives in Bed-Stuy, about a 5-minute walk from The Wilky. When he isn’t working he's usually trying to consume enough food for someone three times his size and enjoying cocktails by some of New York’s finest. His favorite food at The Wilky is the Jumbo Soft Pretzel with a side of chipotle sauce to dip. His favorite beer changes with the weather but he's always on the hunt for a new Gose or Sour.
  • Kevin

    Kevin moved to Bed-Stuy Brooklyn only a few blocks away from The Wilky in January 2017. When he isn't working he enjoys riding his bike, exploring other great bars & restaurants, and working on film projects. His favorite type of beer can vary depending on his mood but he can always count on an old world lager to hit the spot. His favorite thing to eat is the Mucnhwrap Extreme off of our Taco Tuesdays menu.
  • Eric head shot


    Beer Buyer
    Eric was born and raised in upstate New York, but has been living in Downtown Brooklyn for over 10 years now. When he isn’t working on the beer menu at The Wilky he’s writing for his beer blog, playing his guitar, or walking his dog Nikki. Eric’s favorite style of beer currently is sours and he is a big fan of the Jumbo Bavarian Pretzel on our menu.